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Proiectul “Inclusiv - Rețea de centre suport pentru integrarea persoanelor ..."

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After 20 years of working the organization ‘Actie Dorpen Roemenië-Vlaanderen’ (Action Villages Romania-Flanders or ADR Flanders) receives recognition as a socio-cultural organization from the Flemish government.

Starting from the first of January 2011, ADR-Flanders is a recognized socio-cultural organization. This means that ADR Flanders will receive, for the first time in 20 years, subventions from the Flemish government  to support the daily functioning of 120 local ADR groups.The board of directors decided to employ 2 staff members in order to further develop it’s umbrella function and to en...

FDAAM is one of the participants at the Euromf EZA-Seminar

  A two-tier social security? Organization of caring andhealth care in Europe27th and 28th of January 2011Zagreb, Hotel Dubrovnik, Ljudevita Gaja 1Organisation Euromf vzw Social security is built by a solidarity mechanism for employees, employers and government.The liberalization of health-care has created an imbalance between government initiatives,commercial initiatives and non-profit i...

Conclusions - Romania Belgium Forum on Decentralized Cooperation "From solidarity to European partnership"

  'Romania Belgium Forum on Decentralized Cooperation: From solidarity to European partnership'   Arad, 4 - 6 November 2010   Mid of this decennium, there was a lot of interest to set up Decentralized Forums from Romania out with different countries from the EU. This can be seen as the pre-access phase to the European Union. Finally a text was written where those kind of Forum...

HEALTH IMPROVEMENT in LOCAL COMMUNITIES -Informative Week-end -FDAAM 5th-7th of November 2010 in ARAD, Romania

INVITATIONHEALTH IMPROVEMENT in LOCAL COMMUNITIESInformative Week-endFDAAM5th, 6th, 7th of November 2010in ARAD, Romania The National Foundation FDAAM (Foundation for the Development of Mutual Associations) has the pleasure of inviting you to attend our informative, formative and social Week-end in Arad, Romania. We are welcoming 2 participants/per community. Professional trainers from Romania w...

Forumul de Cooperare Descentralizată Romania ‐ Belgia

In perioada 05-06.11.2010 se desfasoara la Arad - Forumul de Cooperare Descentralizată Romania ‐ Belgia  "De la solidaritate la parteneriat european"Echipa FDAAM si   o parte din membrii retelei de ADAM-uri si CLS-uri vor participa la lucrarile forumului. download  invitatie Forum
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Conferința „Proiectul Inclusiv la final” - 10.12.2015

Conferința „Proiectul Inclusiv la final” | București, 10.12.2015 PROIS-NV și partenerii săi în implementarea proiectului &bdqu...

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CIS București-Ilfov - Primul grup de Babysitter au inceput practica

  Centrul de Incluziune Socială din București-Ilfov, înființat în cadrul Proiectul „Inclusiv – Rețea de centre supor...

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IMPREUNA CU VOI, PENTRU VOI! Masa rotundaBucuresti - 28 Aprilie 2015     Pornind de la deviza “Investeste in oameni”, F...

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CIS Nord Est - florar decorator, grupa 1

Din data de 15 aprilie se deruleaza la sediul CIS Nord Est activitatile de instruire pentru calificarea florar decorator, grupa 1  

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Comunicat de presă post eveniment, masa rotundă „Principalele bariere ale grupurilor vulnerabile care le limitează accesul la educație si ocupare“

Comunicat de presă post eveniment Masa rotundă  -   „Principalele bariere ale grupurilor vulnerabile care le limitează accesu...

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